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Gain a competency in Scrum development framework
Prepare for the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 Certificate
Gain Agile Transition Certificate in Scrum Principles

This training programme is designed to give you all the knowledge required to do the Professional Scrum Master Level 1  certificate.  It assumes that you have some experience in software development.

We also have now added a free certification pathway to gain Agile Scrum Principles – Level 1″ endorsed by Agile Transition. See Assessments.

It is important that you follow the course in a step wise manner.   The course is made up of :

  1. Philosophy
  2. Key Roles
  3. Key Processes
  4. Key Artifacts
  5. Glossary
  6. Assessments

If you are ready let us begin Start Training  or you may wish to Go to Assessment


If you find this useful please DONATE to the Syrian Refugee Appeal.

If you feel you can help us make this traininig even better please get in touch with gabriel@freescrumtraining.org