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Welcome to your Philosophy Test.  Please note that the test has both multiple choice style questions with radio buttons and multiple response questions with tick boxes.  A multiple response question will have 1 or more answers.  The breakdown of the results will be emailed to you to help your learning.



1) Ensuring all staff can see the product backlog is an example of which Scrum pillar:
2) Introducing test driven development adheres to which Scrum principle?
3) What are features of the agile manifesto?
4) Documentation always comes first in a Scrum process
5) Scrum can be described as :
6) What holds the scrum events, roles and artifacts together?
7) An organisational impediment to Scrum can be?
8) Inspections must always be carried out by:
9) A scrum project always produces all its work at the end of the project?
10) What are some of the organisational impediments to Scrum?
11) The agile manifesto clearly defines the role of testing as critical
12) Scrum is a process framework based on( mark all those applicable):
13) The Agile manifesto focuses on individuals before processes because?
14) Scrum sprints are designed to deliver incremental releases of product for some of the following reasons?
15) Scrum is based on which of the following items?
16) Why does transparency help an organisation( mark all those applicable):
17) Under which of these circumstance is Scrum the most appropriate approach?
18) By increasing the time of a sprint over 4 weeks the following can happen?
19) What are some of the organisational advantages to scrum? ( choose 3)

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