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Welcome to your Key Players Test.  Please note that the test has both multiple choice style questions with radio buttons and multiple response questions with tick boxes.  A multiple response question will have 1 or more answers.  The breakdown of the results will be emailed to you to help your learning.



1) If the Scrum team meetings are not being held the Scrum Master should
2) A product owner should assist the scrum team:
3) The Scrum Master responsibilities include?(choose all appropriate)
4) The development team should use methods which include inspection and transparency such as:
5) Technical methods not described by Scrum should not be used
6) A product owner if they are confused about how to prioritise the product backlog should?
7) A useful way for a Scrum Master to show organisational impediments is
8) The development team decides when a task is done
9) A product owner can be described as :
10) A product owner is a full scrum team member
11) A product owner decides: ( choose 2)
12) The Scrum Master of a team coordinates with other Scrum Masters by:
13) The Scrum Master is responsible for checking Scrum processes are adhered to?
14) A product owner should be:
15) The Scrum Master is best described as?
16) The development team is made up of:
17) The development team should be present at the following Scrum events(choose 2)
18) The CEO decides to change the terminology in Scrum to best fit their organisation.  The Scrum Master should:
19) If functional team leaders are wanting to give jobs to people in the Scrum team during a sprint the Scrum Master should:
20) A Scrum Master will advise the group on transparency by stressing:(choose 3)
21) The Scrum Master can ideally manage many Scrum teams?
22) The Scrum Master differs from the product owner by?
23) The Scrum Master is responsible for meeting deadlines?
24) A product owner is responsible for:(choose 3)
25) The development team should show the following characteristics:
26) A development team which stays together over a number of sprints:

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