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The key free resources for learning scrum are:

Guide to scrum – essential for examination ( scrum.org) starsstarsstarsstarsstars
Scrum Revealed – a great guide to the overall scrum process (The International Scrum Institute) starsstarsstarsstars
Scrum Body of Knowledge – A more comprehensive guide ( ScrumStudy) starsstarsstarsstars
Scrum Training – Crash Course – 2013-06-18 – The content in this 1.5 hr lecture is just what is needed starsstarsstarsstars
Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell – Explains the product owner position really well 15mins  starsstarsstarsstars
The ScrumMaster – How to develop a team 7mins  starsstarsstars
The Alternative Scrum Burndown Chart – a nice way of monitoring scope 2mins  starsstarsstars
Estimate Backlog Using Planning Poker – a simple explanation of one of the most important estimation methods 5mins  starsstarsstarsstars
Agile Estimation – explains the overall process well 7mins  starsstarsstars
Spotify Engineering Culture – An example of organisational arrangement not scrum but very useful 13mins  starsstarsstars
Hitler at a sprint review – Ironic view of what can go wrong in a sprint review 4mins  starsstarsstarsstarsstars
Scrum Overall Framework – excellent  starsstarsstarsstarsstars
Detailed Scrum Framework – good starsstarsstarsstars