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Welcome to your key processes test. Please note that the test has both multiple choice style questions with radio buttons and multiple response questions with tick boxes.  A multiple response question will have 1 or more answers.  The breakdown of the results will be emailed to you to help your learning.



1) Who should attend the sprint retrospective?
2) What is technical debt?
3) when should a backlog requirements meeting occur?
4) What is the time box for the Daily Scrum?
5) What is the purpose of the Scrum Master?(choose 3)
6) What is cadence in Scrum for?
7) When should the burn down charts be reviewed? (choose 3)
8) What document is produced in the sprint planning meeting?
9) When a user story is too big what should happen?
10) What is the purpose of the sprint planning meeting ?
11) Who can stop a sprint  early?
12) What is a feature?
13) Who should be present for the sprint planning meeting?
14) What are common errors with user stories?(choose all that are appropriate)
15) What is the purpose of the sprint retrospective?
16) Who is responsible for estimating the time of a task?
17) What are the key parts of a user story?
18) When should technical debt be planned in?
19) What is an epic?
20) What is the purpose of the backlog refinement meeting?
21) What is the time box for a Sprint?
22) What is the time box for a Sprint review?
23) Who can attend a Sprint review?
24) What  is the Scrum of Scrums for?
25) For what reason can a sprint be stopped early?(choose 2)
26) Scrum works best when a team is physically located together

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