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Welcome to your Key Artifact Test.  Please note that the test has both multiple choice style questions with radio buttons and multiple response questions with tick boxes.  A multiple response question will have 1 or more answers.  The breakdown of the results will be emailed to you to help your learning.



What is the difference between the sprint burndown and product burn down chart?(choose 3)
The product backlog should have some of the following characteristics? ( choose 3)
Can the sprint backlog be reprioritised during a sprint?
What is wrong with this user story?

“As a power user, I want to refresh the screen regularly, so that I can always have the most up to date information”
What is a sprint burnup chart?
What is wrong with this user story?

“As an administrator, I want a way of adding email addresses to old clients”
It is recommended that a task should take no longer?
What is the danger of using computerized systems for tracking tasks?
Who defines the sprint goal?
When should a user story be broken down?
Can the sprint backlog be changed during a sprint?
Is at mandatory to release a product revision at the end a sprint?
What  is wrong with this user story?

"As a customer, I can specify files or folders to backup based on file size, date created and date modified.” ( choose 2)
If an item is 90% complete the development team can :
It is recommended that a user story should take no longer than?

Who creates the performance graphs?
Who updates the product backlog and ensures the user stories are refined?
When can done be defined?(choose 2)
What can you tell from a burndown chart?
The items at the top of the product backlog will be different from those at the bottom because...(choose 2)
How can the sprint backlog be designed to create an incremental shippable product?
When are tasks developed and assigned?
Why are cards (3 x 5) a good way of recording user stories?(choose 2)

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