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The main organisational obstacles of scrum we encounter are:

1. Old Habits – not realising that Scrum requires a totally different approach to management.  Scrum master’s role is to guide and build a self organising team, not to direct.

2. Distractions – scrum is not matrix management.  The teams must be left alone to achieve their sprint goals.

3. Teams – there is a belief that Scrum is for the programmers.  We need diverse teams to ensure we reach a shippable product.

4. Multiple Teams – for a large project we need multiple teams with clear processes for sharing achievements and impediments.  We start to introduce concepts like the Scrum of Scrums here.  A clear adoption of multi team scrum is needed by the organisation.

5.Old HR Systems – the  way of rewarding solely individuals is not in keeping with the ethos of Scrum.  It will prevent the team really developing ownership of the process.  We need innovative team reward systems put in place.

6. Scrumbut – the partial adoption of scrum can result in confusion of terminology, roles and responsibilities.  Whilst there have been some great mixed models developed; the majority do not reach the full potential of Scrum.