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Identifying the organisational obstacles to scrum

by The main organisational obstacles of scrum we encounter are: 1. Old Habits – not realising that Scrum requires a totally different approach to management.  Scrum master’s role is to guide and build a self organising team, not to direct. 2. Distractions –…

Scrum Practice Test – Philosophy

by Test your knowledge of Agile Scrum philosophy: See where the gaps are and fill them!  

Free Scrum Training is launched

by The site contains 15 top quality scrum learning videos.  It has 7 assessment tests.  There are 3 ebooks and 2 reference posters available from the site.  This is only the beginning.

All videos in place!! yippee beta 0.8

by I think we are now ready to launch the free scrum training for comment and improvement to a larger community.  Lets hope it is received well.  If you feel you can improve it get in touch with

Building and validating tests today and tomorrow…..back to Beta 0.20

by This will take a lot of passes.  I realise that the test questions need a review by a larger group to ensure they are informative and clear.  Aiden’s eye’s are popping out inputting questions. We are looking forward to the first round…

Amira’s View of Camp Life – Beta 0.30

by THE CAMP: LIFE ON HOLD When we arrived at the refugee camp, there were already many tents. We bought some materials to make a tent – some wood and plastic sheeting. The men built it. Our tent has two rooms and a…

A Bad Day in Syria – Beta 0.20

by Up to 50 people were killed in missile attacks on at least four hospitals and a school in northern Syria on Monday. It seems a lot of politics is played while normal families die.  Lets do something small against this.  …

Beta 0.10 Arrives

by The overview of the free scrum training has been produced – phew!  The website functionality is nearly there, now I need to work on course material.  I think I will do a first pass at the assessments and then improve the learning…