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Gain a level 1 Agile Scrum Principles Award
Prepare for the Professional Scrum Project Manager Qualification

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Firstly you should be now confident in all the sections.  If you are not take the section specific assessments:

Test 1 - PhilosophyTest 2 - Key RolesTest 3 - Key ProcessesTest 4 - Key ArtifactsTest 5 - Glossary test

The FREE certification in “Agile Scrum Principles – Level 1″  is provided by Agile Transition .  The test consists of  60 questions taken over a 1 hour period.  The pass mark is 70%  and you receive formal certification for the examination.  You will need to login with Facebook to get access to the examination website.

Agile Scrum Principles – Level 1 AgileScrumPrinciples

Certificate – available if pass mark reached Certificate 

If you feel you would like to take the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 test then Scrum.org provide an open sample test.  This is only a 30 question sample test, but you should be looking to score in excess of 90%.  You can then move onto their online test which is 80 questions and requires a score of 80%.

PSM Test

If you feel you can help us make this  offering even better please get in touch with gabriel@freescrumtraining.org.  Please note that if you are collaborating content do not give us actual test questions this undermines a good qualification.