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Scrum is an Agile framework which allows teams develop complicated projects effectively, which reduces risk and increases joy.  It empowers the individual to take ownership within the environment of a supportive team.  The teams become highly effective self organising groups which add a new dimension of value to a company.  The process can transform product development and facilitate a lean approach to adding customer value.

This is a project to bring the power of Scrum PM to the widest audience.  If you are new or a beginner to the world of Scrum this will give you all the tools to understand it and become an effective user.  It supports the learning to gain a level 1 qualification from  https://www.scrumalliance.org  and https://www.scrum.org.  Along side this we provide a Free certification pathway for “Principles of Agile Scrum” from Agile Transitions .

It also  has another objective to raise money for refugee relief.  If you find the learning beneficial please donate a small amount to the Syrian refuge cause.  It is linked directly to the UNHCR donation site, no funds are taken directly to support transparency:


The  work on the site has come form many sources which are detailed in acknowledgements.  If you feel that  you can make this resource even better please get in touch with info@freescrumtraining.org.

Freescrumtraining.org is part of makingpi ltd an education charity 1158556 based in the UK.