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Main Certification Route

There are two main organisations offering scrum certification the ScrumAlliance.org and Scrum.org.  They both test via multiple choice and have a preference for students to attend their face to face training events.

Scrumalliance.org Certification


The Scrum master courses range from $1000 to $1500 and lasts 2 days.  You can only take their tests via a face-to-face course.

Scrum.org Certification

  1. Professional Scrum master Level 1 – Online test.  Learning either by self study or face-to-face
  2. Professional Scrum Master Level 2  – This is a 2 day course and once again costs $1000 – $1500
  3. Professional Scrum Product Owner
  4. Professional Scrum Developer

Self Study Route

As a beginning qualification the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 course provides a reasonable qualification which shows that you are familiar completely with the principles.  This can be done through an online test.  This website is designed to give you the centent and assessments to enable you pass the level 1 qualification only!

Other Certification

There are 2 other organisations which provide free or low cost  scrum training.  There required level of fluency is more equivalent to that of a team member rather than a designated role.  However I think they offer a great way of getting the hold team trained

http://www.scrum-institute.org/index.php    $29 with the examination pass rate is set quite low at 60%

http://www.scrumstudy.com/  free user course and designated roles from $450 to $800 using elearning and the scrum.org qualifications.