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Record number of students and donations

by We have reached an landmark point where we have educated over 100,000 people in Scrum.  In the process we have raised £21,550 for the UNHCR. A big thank you to all those who supported us   Gabriel Kyne  

Free Agile Scrum Certificate Launched

by A free rigorous Agile Scrum course is now available.  This demonstrates your competence in Scrum at Level 1.  It is an alternative to the PSM level 1 certificate. Gain a certificate today if you are good enough.  Click here.    

Its official we have now trained more than 5000 people in Scrum

by This is a great result.  We continue too receive between 300 -400 visitors a day.  We now want to expand our offering by providing a free certification in Scrurm Master training. The assessment centre will move over to are sister site :…

A guide to Scrum Certification

by Main Certification Route There are two main organisations offering scrum certification the and  They both test via multiple choice and have a preference for students to attend their face to face training events. Certification The Scrum master courses range from…

Essential Scrum Terms You Need To Know

by The following terms are often used in a scrum process. Scrum team Product owner, scrum master and development team Product owner The person responsible for maintaining the product backlog by representing the interests of the stakeholders, and ensuring the value of the…

£1921 raised for refugees in 4 weeks

by Thanks to all the 5850 visitors who have enjoyed the learning in the last 4 weeks.  This is a promising start for the early phase of a project . The UNHCR has indicated £1921 has been donated via this site, which included one very…

Some key responsibilities of the Scrum Master

by The Scrum Master is a coach and a mentor and the guardian of the process.  The person must show great organisational, people and technical skills. Organisational Responsibilities of the Scrum Master Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption Planning Scrum…

The Best Agile Scrum Guides

by These are the best free ebooks on the market for Scrum: Ebooks Guide to scrum – essential for examination ( Scrum Revealed – a great guide to the overall scrum process (The International Scrum Institute) Scrum Body of Knowledge – A…

Agile Scrum – Do you know the key artifacts?

by Take the test on

Agile Scrum – Do you know the key roles?

by Take this test to see if you know the key  roles in the Scrum framework.   If you do not try learning the roles at – it is free, quick and good fun